Should I use a media monitoring platform or BUTTER?

Posted by Eric Margolis on Jun 18, 2018 12:33:59 PM
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There are some important differences between the two

Media monitoring platforms and Butter are great tools for those looking to track content relevant to their company or industry. LexisNexis Newsdesk, a media monitoring platform, allows its customers to track news and analytics about their company, brand and competitors. Butter is a proactive research engine that helps users track peer-reviewed research, patents, trademarks, stocks, company announcements, clinical trials, and more. So both services keep their users informed of the latest developments within its industry by tracking relevant information as it emerges. However, Butter differs from a media monitoring platform in its purpose and the quality and type of content it provides.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Posted by Eric Margolis on Jun 18, 2018 12:19:40 PM
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A mere decade ago artificial intelligence (AI) was the stuff of science fiction. Today it has managed to work its way into our daily lives.

And yet there are still a lot of misconceptions about AI. We usually imagine AI based on what we see in movies—conscious and intelligent robots that are quick to betray humanity, a-la 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Is NewsRx real journalism?

Posted by Eric Margolis on Jun 15, 2018 12:12:54 PM
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In an age of fake news and blossoming AI journalism, it's a good question.

Let's start with what we do know: NewsRx is an innovator in the fields of reporting and artificial intelligence, using advanced AI technology to develop a brand of journalism fit for the 21st century. Our concise news briefs that summarize peer reviewed research for scientific researchers and business professionals are written using computational journalism and AI.

So the real question at hand is: can news written by AI be considered real journalism?

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