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BUTTER in and outside of the life sciences

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Butter's great for medicine, pharma, and biotech--and just about everything else

In 1984, NewsRx started off as a life science company. More specifically, as a newsletter reporting on developments regarding the newly discovered and shockingly devastating HIV and AIDS crisis. 

Even after expanding to cover a variety of medicine, health, and life science topics throughout the 1980s and 1990s, it’s no surprise that NewsRx’s research news products remained tailored to and chiefly appreciated by medical, health, and biotech professionals for many years. Even today, after the development of the AI-powered proactive research engine Butter, life science professionals make excellent use of Butter.

The tool provides access to almost 16 million articles on a range of topics, with a comprehensive search-engine that eliminates poor quality sources. It also allows for quick scanning of peer-reviewed research through concise, AI-written summary articles. Business development, research, and sales staff conducting life science research, or professionals in the pharmaceutical or biotech industries, can make great use of these features. For example, a pharma company working on a new drug can utilize Butter in early drug development to conduct research on useful chemical and biological actives, easily sorting through research and patents on the agent in question.

However, Butter's breadth of sources, along with its precise delivery of important knowledge through daily alerts on your selected topics, means that it's a useful tool far outside of the life sciences.

For one, Butter's research news briefs and datasets cover fields of business like consulting and finance, tech (useful for software and AI companies like ourselves!), engineering, law, and any other field out there. Research professionals in all industries can use Butter to stay updated on new peer-reviewed research. On top of that, trademarks, patents, legal documents, and competitor’s company announcements are also covered, key factors of market research and business intelligence that go beyond product development and traditional research.

So while the history and origins of Butter lie firmly in the life sciences, the incredible number of articles, and the possibilities of AI, has made it a tool for all fields.

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