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One way to approach business intelligence challenges

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Business intelligence is all about optimizing decision making and business performance--and the ways that companies and their brain trusts can be at the forefront of their fields.

NewsRx's proactive research tool Butter is a unique lens that you can take to solve business intelligence challenges: by receiving alerts on all the issues and news that affect your business development and competitiveness in your industry. Butter is a comprehensive, time-saving, and cost-effective business intelligence tool.

Business intelligence helps your company make better decisions by keeping you informed about what's going on out there. Knowing the latest patents, trademarks, industry news, and company announcements is a must for a business to stay ahead.

But conducting research for sound business intelligence requires a high level of detail. Doing that sort of research on your own can be time-consuming, incomplete, and even inaccurate due to the abundance of poor-quality sources. Meanwhile, most software for business intelligence is incredibly expensive--way too expensive for small companies.

Butter is a comprehensive, time-saving, and cost-effective business intelligence platform that helps subscribers stay informed about industry and competitors news. It works to solve business intelligence challenges through sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms.


Butter gathers a wide-range of content, including trademarks, SEC filings, company announcements, peer-reviewed research, and patents, all from vetted sources. Butter's AI algorithms then ensure to eliminate all low-quality content, along with any articles that have incomplete or inaccurate data.

This improved dataset means you don't have to worry any more about whether or not what you're looking at is useful. Butter also presents all the different types of business intelligence that you might be searching for in a single platform, saving you the time and effort of going to different websites to scavenge news from various sources.

A major blind spots in the typical approach to business intelligence is peer-reviewed research. Science and industry studies often shed light on major market trends and best business practices, but a typical business intelligence search misses these types of articles. Butter's customizable search engine allows you to easily find industry-specific peer-reviewed research.


Butter's customizable alerts feature gives you alerts on articles and news that are relevant to your company and industry. Butter constantly monitor what’s happening in your industry, preventing any important business news from slipping by.

Butter also saves time through its easy-to-use custom report creation. Butter's AI can write a report tailored to your needs, whether it includes an overview of just a few articles, or a summary of an entire sector. For example, a report could consist of an overview of the latest patents in your industry, or information about competitors’ product developments based on trademark news, or practical steps towards business development through peer-reviewed research relevant to your field. Butter's AI produces and formats report for ease of understanding and presentation.


Access to the Butter costs just $200 per month for an individual user. That beats other business intelligence platforms by a substantial margin, making our services accessible to a wide range of businesses.

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