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What is a Daily?

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Not quite a newsletter. Not quite a dataset. Not quite a roundup.

Something better.

NewsRx has transitioned away from weekly newsletters towards our new Dailies, which provide comprehensive run-downs of science and business topics from the highest quality knowledge sources. You may be wondering: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?

We can answer that.

Who needs a Daily?

A scientific researcher investigating angiogenesis. A corporate lawyer with Chinese clients. A CEO of an IT start-up. A clinician conducting clinical trials on mental health issues. A salesperson for a pharmaceutical company.

A nanotechnology engineer. A pediatric physician. A stockbroker.

The trait that all these people have in common is that they are all researchers. They all require up-to-date knowledge in their industries, insights that keep them aware of developments, discoveries, and breakthroughs. Any scientific or business professional that conducts regular research can benefit from NewsRx’s Dailies.

What is a Daily?

A Daily is a report made up of concise research news briefs on high quality knowledge. NewsRx has dailies on nearly one hundred business and science topics, ranging from Agriculture, to Mergers & Acquisitions, to Zika Virus & Mosquito. Each research news brief rigorously covers crucial content from the quality-checked source, such as a scientific peer-reviewed journal article or a new patent filing, in an average of just 700 words.

Where and When is a Daily?

Dailies are delivered to your email inbox as a web link or PDF every business day, Monday through Friday. Ours are available online at our website and through BUTTER, proactive research software that provides access to all 96 Dailies.

Why a Daily?

Over two million articles are published online every day. And a lot of that isn’t fake news—a significant chunk is legitimate scientific and business knowledge. The average article takes a human about two minutes to read, so even if you only wanted to read the most academically rigorous articles, it would take you a whole week of non-stop reading… to get through a single day’s content.

And this doesn’t even take into account the time and effort that research takes. Running searches, consulting websites, and making sure what you find is quality can be a resource-intensive process, costing you valuable time that you could be spending doing what you do best. This is where a Daily comes in.

Instead of taking an hour or two every day searching online and skimming through articles, NewsRx can deliver you a field of expertly chosen results in your industry, guaranteed to be quality sources and innovative knowledge. Not only do you not miss any major breakthroughs, from scientific research, to financing and M&As, to new patent filings, but you also broaden your research horizons to the whole universe of content, allowing you to dive deeper, beyond the world readily accessible to Google.

How does a Daily Work?

NewsRx Dailies are powered by groundbreaking proprietary artificial intelligence that automates the process of research from start to finish. Using computational journalism, human ingenuity, and AI, our algorithms search multiple datasets to find the most important data. We turn complicated peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles into easy-to-read, fact-based research news briefs. We eliminate content that doesn’t meet strict standards for quality and sourcing. We even go beyond peer-reviewed research coverage to include high-quality knowledge from sources such as patent filings, trademarks, and company and organization news announcements.

NewsRx’s algorithms write concise research news briefs on the much longer original source. Take a patent filing on a self-driving car technology that is originally 10,000 words long. NewsRx writes a 1500 word brief covering the most essential knowledge about the patent. These reports are the ones that go into your Daily.

NewsRx’s Dailies are powered both by technological expertise as well as a curatorial eye and guiding human hand. NewsRx understands that the aim of AI is to empower humans to do what they do best, and the same goes for us here at NewsRx. With the computers doing the heavy lifting of writing and researching the original, thoroughly sourced reports that make up our Dailies, we focus on making each Daily the best it can possibly be.

A Daily is not quite a newsletter—not quite a dataset—it’s something better. Try it out today.

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