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How to Find Resources for Racial Justice Research

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As the Black Lives Matter movement makes its voice heard in cities across the US and around the world, one of the most important steps anyone—especially white people—can take is to educate themselves. We all need to educate ourselves on the history and experience of Black people in this country. Even better, we can use peer-reviewed research to understand the systemic problems and make evidence-backed decisions about how to move forward with solving issues of racism and police brutality.

Here are a few easy-to-use online resources to get started. They include a wide range of materials, such as new studies on criminal justice and sociology, online tools for educators and leaders to start a dialogue in their classes and communities, and lists of petitions and organizations that are fighting for an equal world for all colors. We’ve also included our research tool BUTTER as a resource to stay up to date on any type of peer-reviewed research—including ethnic studies, law, race relations, civil rights, and more—as it comes out in real time.  

Syracuse University Research Guide on Resources for Racial Justice


Syracuse University Libraries’ Diversity & Inclusion team released a Research Guide on Resources for Racial Justice. This guide is a compilation of readings and resources, including links to local and national advocacy organizations. The guide includes resources such as recommended anti-racism readings, anti-racism non-print media, resources for educators and parents, lists of funds, petitions, and Black-owned businesses, and mental health and wellness tools.

Racial Equity Tools

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Racial Equity Tools is a wide-ranging set of online resources to support individuals and groups working together to achieve racial equity. These online tools provide tips, curricula, and ideas for people working to advance justice in their organizations and communities. Topics covered include core concepts and the history of civil rights, key racial equity issues and how to affect change, strategies for activism and community-building, and methodologies for evaluating the performance and success of initiatives.

Race Forward


Founded in 1981, Race Forward brings systemic analysis to complex race issues, aiming to help people take effective action towards racial equality. Race Forward works in three areas: research, media, and practice. In the world of research, Race Forward provides original and accessible research on pressing racial justice issues. In media, Race Forward publishes Colorlines, a daily news site focused on issues of race. And in practice, Race Forward provides targeted online and in-person training and consulting services in mobilization, skill-building, leadership development, alliance-building, and messaging.

Racial Equity Resource Guide


Part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s America Healingwork, the Racial Equity Resource Guide is a set of collective insights, resources, and tools of individuals and organizations that have been working to foster racial healing and racial equity. Resources include articles, organizations, scientific research, books, media strategies, and training curricula for organizations. A search engine allows user to find tools for specific topics and create custom toolkits of resources to download and share. 


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Founded 25 years ago to shed a light on the intersection of racial and environmental justice, Reimagine has evolved into a forum that brings together activists, organizers, academics, and policy-makers. Reimagine’s peer-reviewed research, special reports, journalistic coverage, and various media including podcasts covers the many dimensions of economic, environmental, and racial justice.



BUTTER is an online research engine with over 20 million articles covering high-quality peer-reviewed research articles, patents, trademarks, clinical trials, and more. With AI-written articles that provide short summary of groundbreaking research, and a powerful analytics tool to hone in on the exact research a user is looking for, BUTTER is a useful tool for finding research in the fields of racial justice, criminal justice, sociology, ethnic studies, and more. Butter is updated daily with nearly 8,000 new briefs. NewsRx also offers hundreds of daily and weekly topic-based newsletters, including Politics, Law & Government Daily.

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