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What's Beyond News?

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Patents, clinical trials, and SEC filings, just to get started

NewsRx’s Butter provides articles written by computational journalism on a wide range of content--more than just news. Trademarks, stock movements, company announcements, peer-reviewed research, patents, and even news about medical devices and clinical trials are all included. This wealth of knowledge that moves beyond ordinary news cures key blind-spots for academic researchers and corporate users alike.

While companies seeking the latest business intelligence may think to keep track of trademarks and SEC filings issued by the competition, looking up the latest scientific research and patent applications is an equally indispensable part of a sound research strategy.

On the other hand, while academic and scientific researchers may be sure to search for newly published papers, access to the latest news about medical devices and clinical trials in the same platform can prove invaluable.

Let’s take a look at a few of the types of 'news' (but now news) that Butter provides:

Patents: Many new patent discoveries reported by NewsRx are in the fields of medical technology, computer technology, digital communications, and electrical engineering. NewsRx’s algorithms relate the title of the article to the patent subject or topic area (i.e. an article about a heart device patent would be titled under cardiology). The most important information is conveyed in, on average, just 1,300 words, saving a user from wading through dozens of technical pages in a typical long patent filing database.

Company Announcements: Keeping up with the competition in one’s field can be an exhaustive process. Typically a corporate researcher needs to check a variety of different sources weekly, or even daily. Butter easily solves these problems by aggregating company announcements in short articles. One can easily sign up to have new articles on any subject, field, or company delivered weekly or daily to one’s inbox to never miss a beat.

Clinical Trials and Medical Devices: NewsRx is without question the largest source of news about clinical trials and medical devices. Using a dozen APIs built to interface with the U.S. FDA and other sources, NewsRx publishes 1000 word research news briefs about new clinical trials and medical devices daily in Butter. Butter also provides a link to the original article so you can explore the full trial from the source if desired.

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