What is the Knowledge Age?

The world's next step will be driven by artificial intelligence

The Knowledge Age is an era in which artificial intelligence processes information for humans and turns it into knowledge, and in some cases, decisions.

In the endless sea of digital information that defines the 21st century, AI can sort through the noise and deliver knowledge to us with the precision of GPS coordinates. The Knowledge Age will prove an era that transforms who we are and how we live--and it is an era well on its way.

Woman use of soft drink vending system paying by cellphone

We live in an era where we can look up anything we want to know, and speak to friends and strangers from around the world. Advertisements for products that we do and do not want pop up on our browsers. Notifications bombard our phones—text messages, emails, news, stocks, spam, the scores of sports games. 

This is the world of the Information Age, with its host of advantages and disadvantages. But what’s next—what’s on the horizon at this very moment—is poised to give humans more powerful tools than ever before, transforming our technology and our lives.

The Knowledge Age: an era in which artificial intelligence empowers, enhances, and facilitates human knowledge. Human knowledge becomes swift, direct, muscular—we will have access to answers rather than questions, conclusions rather than data, truths rather than trends.

This era simultaneously threatens human agency and creativity while building a road towards an advanced and equitable society. Yet above all, the most important thing to understand about the Knowledge Age is that it’s already on the horizon.