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FAQ: What types of news does BUTTER report on?

BUTTER reports on peer-reviewed research, trademarks, patents, SEC filings, company announcements, industry reports, and news about medical devices and clinical trials from over 20,000 global sources. BUTTER totals over 15 million articles and adds 5,000 new articles every day.

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FAQ: How long has BUTTER existed?

BUTTER was launched in the summer of 2017 after two years of beta testing. Its underlying artificial intelligence platform has been under development for over four years, which was named “Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Application” by CIO Magazine in November 2017.

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FAQ: Who uses BUTTER?

The strongest interest in BUTTER comes from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, especially business development, research, marketing, and sales professionals, who use BUTTER to discover and track developments related to their portfolios. But all types of professionals in life science and healthcare, as well in professionals in other scientific and corporate fields, are benefiting from BUTTER’s personalization and delivery options.

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FAQ: Does using BUTTER have practical benefits for my business?

BUTTER helps solve business intelligence challenges. Good business intelligence, run on capable AI, can help your company make better decisions by keeping you updated on the latest patents, trademarks, industry news, and company announcements relevant to your field. BUTTER is a time-saving and cost-effective business intelligence platform.

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FAQ: Is NewsRx real journalism?

Yes—all our articles are completely original content. While the articles in BUTTER are authored by computers, not humans, NewsRx’s artificial intelligence algorithms write content that rigorously adheres to journalistic integrity standards. Reputed mainstream news sources have also already begun to integrate AI into their reporting.

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FAQ: Why would I change up the way I am doing research now?

Research is an exhaustive, time-intensive process. BUTTER’s enormous database of quality-checked content, search customization, AI-written article summaries, and proactive news alerts all lessen the burden of research.

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FAQ: What kind of artificial intelligence does BUTTER use?

BUTTER uses machine learning and applied artificial intelligence to conduct research and write articles. Our algorithms have ‘studied’ journalism and can write summaries of peer-reviewed research, company announcements, patents, trademarks, and more according to the typical structures of such an article. However, NewsRx also has developed other kinds of AI, including a personalized research bot to help professionals with knowledge discovery.

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FAQ: How quickly is news included in BUTTER?

BUTTER indexes and publishes most of its sources daily, adding over 5,000 new articles each day.


FAQ: What is the cost and commitment of a subscription?

BUTTER offers a variety of subscription packages, including both free and paid services. Start researching now.


FAQ: What if I’m not happy with the service?

Subscribers can cancel their monthly subscription at any time (effective at the start of the next month).


FAQ: Do you have Education pricing?

Yes. Please contact us at for more information.


FAQ: Do you have group or enterprise discounts?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.


FAQ: How do I pay for a subscription?

Initial and automatic monthly payments are made with your credit card, using the secure Stripe payment processor.


FAQ: I have an idea about how to make BUTTER more valuable for me. How do I share it?

We are committed to making BUTTER better, and users are by far the best source of ideas. Feel free to contact us.


FAQ: Okay, I’m interested. Is it easy to start?

Getting start is easy as can be—all you need to do is make an account. After signing up, you can immediately start receiving personalized alerts and using the research dashboard.


FAQ: Is BUTTER a content aggregator?

No, because BUTTER does a lot more than just aggregate content. BUTTER gathers content from vetted sources in real time, including patents, trademarks, industry reports, company announcements, and peer-reviewed research. However, NewsRx also publishes its own original content—short articles that provide a thorough summary of the most important information for each piece of content.

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FAQ: Is NewsRx a content curator?

No, because BUTTER doesn’t just host content from other sources. It also has its own original content—short articles that provide a thorough summary of the most important information in each piece of aggregated content. So the content on BUTTER is actually our own original content.

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FAQ: Is BUTTER a media monitoring platform?

No. Media monitoring platforms provide alerts on the latest print, TV, and radio news, as well as press releases and social media updates. Meanwhile BUTTER alerts focus on emerging research, patents, trademarks, and SEC filings. Though both BUTTER and media monitoring platforms keep their users informed of the latest developments within an industry by tracking relevant information as it emerges, BUTTER provides more than just monitoring: it uses sophisticated artificial intelligence that writes original articles and newsletters. So the content available on our site is our own content, not just content from other sources.

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